Our Team



Mark Adderley is Top Dog!

Starting out as an Arts / Media Correspondent he has worked on countless series for all of the UK's major broadcasters. Whether it be studio based entertainment shows or location based factual entertainment formats, on line content or one off documentaries Mark has worked extensively within both the Independent sector and for the BBC and ITV specifically. He hates offices - and like a truly lost dog likes to go on the prowl hunting down the scraps of commissioning opportuinites that the super indies consider too small to bother with. He has alternately been an under dog often, a hang dog occasionally, a stray dog in the past, and is doing everything in his power to be the top dog in a dog eat dog world. He hates dog related puns.



Nadia Sawalha is Top Bitch

Nadia is well known as the popular and friendly TV Presenter of shows such as Loose Women, Lorraine, Passport to the Sun and Eating in the Sun to name but a few. Whilst on TV she comes across as a warm and kindly pussy cat - dont be fooled. Behind the scenes she is ... to put it bluntly ... A Top Bitch. She can easily smell a rat ... Is brilliant at herding sheep ... And when thrown a bone she will gnaw on it for hours ... She may have once been described as the "Queen of Daytime" ... but now, she is quite possibly, your "Worst Nightmare" ... Nadia's bite is far ... far ... worse than her bark ... You've been warned ...



Michelle Penny is The Social HOUND

A veteran in the online marketing world, Michelle has worked across the entertainment, travel and fashion industries for the last 15 years. Giving the young pups a run for their money, Michelle heads up the social media side of Doghouse Media and can often be found sniffing out the latest trends and tactics to keep the big dogs happy. Scrappy, energetic and loyal to the core, throw her a ball and she'll always bring it back eager to go again. The downside is she is also easily distracted by biscuits.